Saturday, December 20, 2014


From a recent women's survey conducted by a brand skincare company, it was interesting to learn that as many as 92% of them admitted that "stress impacted on the quality of their skin".  (It was followed by diet, sleep, hormones, genetics and skincare products.)

We have been advising our customers that for maintaining beautiful appearance, it is essential that they avoid stressful situations. And in the matter of skincare products, it would be safer to go in for gentle skin-friendly skin care products which have excellent soothing effect physically and mentally. Many organic skincare products have these beneficial properties.

We have been experimenting with several combinations of herbal organic ingredients, and have found that some Essential Oils, when combined with right amount of extracts of plants and herbs, create amazing calming effect on skin. This helps in relieving a great deal of stress, which in turn gets reflected in the overall appearance.

In particular, the use of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil have produced excellent effect on skin, especially on sensitive type of skin.  Herbally Radiant has been using these Essential Oils in some of its top brands like CLEAN range, which have become favorite particularly for acne-prone skin.

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