Saturday, November 15, 2014


The Journal of American Chemical Society has published results of an interesting study, by the scientists at Purdue University, which discovered in plants a group of molecules called "sinapate esters' that are produced and sent to the outer layer of the leaves to protect leaves themselves from sun any damage.

The scientists observed: "This molecule is a fantastic sun screen and can absorb a remarkably broad spectrum of UV-B light - the entire spectrum.  The broad spectrum is exactly what is needed for a good sunscreen."

The latest findings only confirm what experts in organic formulations have been highlighting for many years. There are many molecules in different plants which act as most effective natural sunscreen.  At Herbally Radiant we have been basing organic formulations for use as sunscreen protection with aloe barbadensis as one of the key ingredients.  When combined with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (also plant-based), the product comes out as a gentle sun protection lotion that also keeps skin well moisturized and smooth.

This special formulation is 'Body Day Cream' (priced at $ 12.90 for 4 oz jar), and it has turned out to be quite a favorite with large number of customers.


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