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In our herbal skincare and beauty products (herballyradiant), we use aloe (botanical name: Aloe Barbadensis) extensively because of its excellent healing and regenerating properties. Aloe gel is the clear, jelly-like substance extracted from the inner part of the aloe plant leaf.  Aloe is also used in medicinal products. Here we can just go through its application and efficacy in beauty products.
The chemicals in aloe gel are able to increase circulation in the tiny blood vessels in the skin, and kill bacteria. Application of aloe promotes healthier skin, strengthens immune system of skin cells. It can hydrate through three epidermal layers of the skin. Thus, it provides the benefit of driving nutrients and other constituents into the deeper layers of the skin, which promote epidermal health. The changes in the skin as a result of application of aloe might even help skin disorder like psoriasis.
Aloe is an indispensable part of any herbal dispensary. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral compounds that help prevent wound infections and speed heeling up process. It also has immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory compounds, and it stimulates collagen synthesis and skin regeneration after sun damage or burn. It is also rich in vitamins C and E, besides minerals like zinc.  
Among specific uses and benefits of aloe, we find that it :

i)provides hydration to the skin,
ii)promotes healthy, refreshed and attractive appearance,
iii)reduces appearance of damaged skin,
iv)protects skin from prolonged exposure to sun and other external pollutants,
v)strengthens and regenerates healthy skin cells, preventing premature aging of skin, reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles,
vi)effectively improves skin damaged due to acne or due to other skin disorders.

(Consumers must bear in mind the fact that aloe-based products (like face creams, lotions, cleansers)  in most of the retail outlets contain less than 1%-10% aloe vera. However, it has been reported after studies that a minimum of 30% concentration of aloe is essential to derive optimum benefits out of it.)

Aloe butter is a proprietary cosmetic “butter” developed exclusively for cosmetic purposes. It is an extract of aloe vera in a coconut fatty fraction. It is solid at room temperature, but melts on the skin. 

At Herbally Radiant, we use aloe leaf juice in our top of anti-aging beauty products:  REJUVENATING and RADIANT. These are made in the form of Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Mask and Serum.  We combine aloe with other selected herbs and essential oils to help create amazing effect on the skin.  The regenerative properties of the natural ingredients transform the skin into a bright, healthy, flawless and revitalized facial skin.   
To avail of the immense benefits of nature’s gift : aloe vera, along with rich nutrients from other herbs, consumers might use REJUVENATING (Oily and Combination skin) or RADIANT (Dry and Combination skin type).  We have received excellent reviews from our loyal customers.  Experience the wonderful amazing effects of aloe-based beauty care. Contact: (Shipping is free within US and Canada.)

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