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There is growing concern about the rising stress levels in daily life. The recent economic downturn has further contributed to yet higher stress levels which is becoming a major health issue.

Consumers of personal care and beauty products are, therefore, looking into such products which offer relief from stress.  According to the market researchers, 2014 consumer survey, stress is now the second biggest health issue, which has prompted sensory scientists to look to infuse stress busters into personal care products.

In personal care and beauty products, it is the scents which create the aromatherapy effect on body and mind.  Consumers are, therefore, looking for an emotional sanctuary through various fragrances.

At HERBALLY RADIANT, we have selected different Essential Oils for inclusion in our more than 76 products which, in combination with other natural ingredients, create amazing effect on skin, mind and whole body.  Beautiful appearance is closely linked to the inner calm and relaxed state of mind.

It would, therefore, be very useful to understand how aromatherapy works for enhancing beauty and creating glowing skin. The following brief background might be of interest to all :

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine in which essential oils are used to positively influence a person’s mind, bodily health, mood, or cognitive function. Though essential oils are at the heart of aromatherapy, complementary natural ingredients such as jojoba, herbs, hydrosols, mineral clays, and other substances are used as well.

Keep in mind that many items claiming to be aromatherapy products – including scented candles, perfume oils and fragrance oils – actually contain synthetic ingredients. For any substance to be aroma-therapeutic, it must be completely natural. Products with labeling such as “made with natural ingredients” or “made with essential oils” typically contain only small amounts of natural ingredients or essential oils, which is one reason many people choose to purchase their own essential oils and blend customized aromatherapy products at home. 

The human sense of smell is about ten thousand times more powerful than other senses, and scent travels to the brain so rapidly that the mental or physical response to the fragrance an essential oil emits can be immediate. When you inhale an essential oil, its scent travels first through olfactory nerve cells inside the nose and into the larger olfactory system. The olfactory system then delivers the aroma to the olfactory bulk located inside the brain’s limbic system, which serves as the seat of emotions and the originator of emotional behavior.

Depending upon which essential oil you are inhaling, you may feel a rapid release of mental strain or negative emotions, and you may feel muscle tension ease at the same time. You may feel more alert, excited, or engaged with your surroundings, and if the scent you are inhaling is a familiar one, you may rapidly access your collective unconscious and experience strong memories, particularly when those memories are closely associated with deeply emotional feelings.

The limbic system is, in turn, connected to the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, which controls the release of hormones that affect one’s nervous system, appetite, body temperature, concentration, and stress levels.  Essential oils interact with the limbic system by providing input that activates the hypothalamus, instructing it to release neuro-chemicals to calm, relax or stimulate the body. This is why aromatherapy can play such an important part in stress reduction, appetite control, increasing alertness and much more.  Whether essential oils are deeply inhaled or applied to the skin, the odor molecules travel straight to the appropriate limbic destination, where neuro-chemicals instruct the body to respond as desired. 

Many people find that aromatherapy helps bring about feelings of spiritual well-being.  Frankincense is a classic example of an essential oil that has been used for centuries to add fragrance to sacred spaces such as churches, sanctuaries, and home meditation rooms. Diffusing frankincense and then taking long, slow breaths can help you focus as you embark upon any spiritual journey.

Essential oils have wonderfully positive effects on every level, with unique properties that enhance the body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy, when understood this way, is more than just the scientific application of essential oils to bring about beneficial changes in the physical realm; it is the creative use of essential oils to evoke positive changes on aesthetic and mystical levels as well. 

We at HERBALLY RADIANT will be happy to answer any question relating to aromatherapy with the help of natural organic cosmetic formulations.


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