Monday, August 25, 2014


We have been highlighting the potential health risks due to use of many chemicals in manufacture of cosmetic products.  Manufacturers of items like cream have also been using mercury, among other ingredients, in order to help lighten the skin, treating dark spots, and even acne disorders. However, studies have concluded that use of mercury can lead to many health problems. The US limit on use of mercury in products is 1 part per million.

Many cosmetic manufacturers are exceeding this limit which is a matter of concern. At the recently held 248th National Meeting and Exposition of American Chemical Society, Dr. Gordon Vrdoljak of Department of Public Health, California, said that in some products like face cream, "we ha've been finding levels as high as 210,000 parts per million. ... If people are using the product quite regularly, their hands will exude it, it will get in their food, on their counter tops, on the sheets their kids sleep on."

Regular urine tests can indicate if there is high level of mercury in body.  However, it would be far more safer and eco-friendly, if consumers could prefer to use cosmetic products which do not contain harmful ingredients like mercury.  Skin care products with organic ingredients are, therefore, the safest and skin-friendly choices. From our experience in this area, we can assure consumers that some of the natural organic skin care products are more effective on skin whose effects lasts longer.


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