Thursday, July 24, 2014


There is growing demand for DIY formulations for cosmetic products. However, there could be serious health risks involved.  Among common DIY formulations being promoted is face masks, sunscreen, perfume and deodorants; these are being marketed as "cost-effective" solutions.

At HERBALLY RADIANT, our R&D team has to undertake several tests before any organic beauty formulation is finally approved for launch. Many a times, one particular formulation does not have the desired effect on sensitive skin, or on the skin with other susceptibilities. Therefore, there are different formulations, though from highly natural and organic ingredients, for different types of skin and ages. So, one DIY formula may not be ideal for all kinds of consumers.

Moreover, we have found that DIY mineral make-up formulations could have iron oxides and other mineral pigments which, though natural, are found in association with toxic metals like lead, antimony, arsenic and mercury. In Sunscreen products, retinyl palmitate or oxybenzone are harmful. In Perfume and Deodorants, where manufacturers are not mandated to list ingredients on the labels, there could be bio-carbonate sodium, which can cause damage to skin.

A safer and more beneficial choice would, therefore, be to consult reliable manufacturers of such products and purchase the right kind of product instead of risking skin health with unverifiable results.  The manufacturers could also be approached later in case of adverse effects.

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