Monday, March 17, 2014


In order to attract more consumers, cosmetic manufacturers are known to be engaged in using new ingredients in their products. However, many of the new ingredients might not be safe and pose potential health hazards.  Consumes need to keep themselves well informed of the effects of such products. Use of nano silver in cosmetics is under the scanner of European watch dog agencies.

The recent Danish scientific research has concluded that nano silver found in certain cosmetics can penetrate the skin and cause harm. Silver is known to have anti-bacterial properties which is why cosmetic manufacturers use it. Silver itself does not pose risks, but when it is broken down to nano size particles, it can penetrate cell wall.  Published in the journal ACS Nano, the study says "...nano silver leads to formation of harmful radical cells. This worries us."

Acting on this, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has warned that supplements containing nano silver, often marketed for anti-bacterial effects, should not be taken.

The German Institute, BiR has also stated that "nano silver has no place in cosmetics", adding that silver compounds can damage cells in different ways and that nano formulation of silver may cross biological barriers into the cell.  It has therefore recommended that manufacturers should refrain from using nano silver in consumer products until its potential risk is completely investigated.


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