Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FDA ups the ante on imported anti-aging skin care products

FDA ups the ante on imported anti-aging skin care products

It is a welcome move by FDA to screen the anti-aging skin products which are proliferating in the market and creating confusion. Most of the claims of age defying products are not verifiable, but the aggressive marketing by many companies tends to create an illusion in the minds of consumers.

FDA is already checking the anti-aging claims of some of the big companies.  Being the issue of the health of skin, only safe and reliable products should reach the consumers.

At the same time, consumers also need to take their own precaution by reading the fine print in the labels of glamorously packed products, especially the ingredients portion. Most of the ingredients that are shown on such products do not support the lofty claims of age defying formulations.

The safest and effective products are those which have natural organic ingredients. These are most skin-friendly, helping skin to heal up,  protect itself against external pollutants and revitalizing and beautifying skin  despite aging factors.

Another factor, though not beauty related, underlines that it is mostly the small business enterprises which are engaged in the manufacture of natural organic skin care products. Economists agree on global scale that it is the small and medium enterprises everywhere which create majority of the jobs for the people. Opting for natural organic products therefore amounts to supporting job creation activity.


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