Wednesday, March 26, 2014


New York Times carries results of an ingenious  study conducted at the Health Science Dept of University of Hartford,  on the health of marathon runners’ spouses.   The study does reiterate that  if you’re training for a marathon or otherwise, doing frequent and prolonged endurance exercise, you’re probably not hurting your heart and are likely strengthening it. But you should be aware of your past health habits and family history and monitor any symptoms, such as shortness of breath, that could be a sign of potential heart troubles.
More revealing finding of the study is that the cardiac benefits of the marathon training may be transferable.  Dr. Beth Taylor, who conducted the study on selected Boston Marathon runners and their spouses,  who volunteered during the 2012 Boston Marathon, for the study, said, “The spouses of the runners were quite healthy, too”.  These spouses of runners were found to be walking and moving around quite frequently, and had generally robust cardiac risk profiles.  She quipped: if you want improved heart health but can’t be a runner, marry one who is marathon or long distance runner!

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