Wednesday, March 1, 2017


More and more consumers are becoming aware of the adverse effect of external pollutants on skin. Mort than 33% consumers understand that airborne toxins speed up the signs of aging and that protection from environmental pollution has as much damaging or harmful effect on skin as sun exposure.

the consumers can exercise safer choice by using the products that have natural ingredients. Herbally Radiant has already launched body lotion and creams that provide good protection to skin from external pollutants. 

The Herbally Radiant formulations combine the Essential Oils with complementary organic ingredients that are excellent protection from pollution and also create anti-aging effect on skin. 

According to the present rend, the effect of pollution on skin will be felt in increasing manner in the years to come, and the consumers need to take precaution to avoid its ill effect on skin and on health in general.  

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