Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The market research company Kline Group has highlighted how manufacturers of natural beauty products are proving efficacy of their formulations by showing "before" and "after" pictures of the skin.  This marketing ploy was being practiced mostly for non-natural cosmetics, often leading to further doubts.

The report highlights the fact that natural beauty brands face many challenges. A major one is that they have to compete with conventional brands that make natural claims. Currently, there is no regulation that sets the standards on what natural claims can be made on product packaging. Some are being marketed as "natural inspired". These brands have done a lot to confuse the consumers over what is really natural brand.

However, there is welcome trend now that consumers are increasingly aware of natural brands and ingredients and retailers are playing their part by storing truly natural products.

Having noticed harmful effects of toxic chemical ingredients in many beauty products, Herbally Radiant has been promoting herbal natural skin care formulations. These take care of the health of the skin by providing richest nutrients to it that have no adverse effect of any kind, and help maintain bright skin by reducing premature aging of it.

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