Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Not only for maintaining radiating skin, but for overall health, stress management is important. It has been highlighted by many studies that mental  or emotional stress impacts adversely on skin and appearance. At  Herbally Radiant we have been monitoring new studies which are coming out with new techniques  on stress management.

Essential Oils used in our products, especially the anti-aging range, increase their efficacy, and also create the effect of aroma therapy for the user with calming and soothing effect on skin. The right blend of Essential Oils in our anti-aging formulations (Radiant and Rejuvenating) is therefore an essential step of epidermis renewal. The epidermis is rebuilt from within with the help of especially chosen herbal ingredients.

As the stress is known to speed up the aging process which gets reflected on face, Herbally Radiant takes epical care on using the fine ratio of various Essential Oils and their compatibility with other herbal ingredients.

On stress management,  we recently came across a new book  “The Upside of Stress” by Stanford psychologist and award-winning teacher Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. in which she offers new perspective on causes and effects of stress.  She emphasizes that stress is not always harmful, and in many cases makes us stronger, smarter, and happier. She advises that to deal with stress, the best technique is to embrace it rather than trying to escape, avoid or attempt to reduce it.

On the basis of her long experience in conducting dozens of studies, her view merits support that it is not the stress which is harmful, but the feeling of potential harm from stress which is the culprit. And to overcome stress, one needs to change the negative mindset.

Focusing on stress from the point of skin specialists, we have seen how a recent women's survey, conducted by a brand skincare company, revealed that as many as 92% of them admitted that "stress impacted on the quality of their skin".  (It was followed by diet, sleep, hormones, genetics.) Another survey by beauty journal Cosmetics Design recently reported a survey of women in which 88% of women thought that personal care products impact their skin, and 56% found it stressful when they have not gone through regular skin care regimen.

We advise our customers  that for maintaining beautiful appearance, it is essential  to avoid stress, and opt for natural  products which are safer, skin-friendly, and gently restore skin’s glow and beauty. We keep experimenting with combinations of herbal  ingredients,  and have found that some Essential Oils, when combined with right proportion  of extracts of plants and herbs, create amazingly calming effect on skin, driving away stress and improving overall appearance.  

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