Friday, February 26, 2016


Herbs are nature’s bounty. Our body’s response to organic substances is gentle yet very effective. The extracts of plants and herbs, essential oils and tinctures have amazing protective and curative properties. The formulations out of these ingredients have immensely beneficial effect in cosmetic applications. Some have nourishing or cleansing active ingredients, some whip up circulation, others refine pores, while some freshen skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Organic ingredients help skin’s capacity to absorb, allowing better penetration of beneficial herbal extracts.
The best way to stay fit, remain beautiful and healthy is to benefit from nature’s bounty. With growing awareness of the benefits of herbal ingredients, larger number of physicians, beauticians and cosmetologists across the world are shifting to organic skin care products. Increasing use of organic products is also due to visible harmful side effects from the application of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Annual herbal medications and cosmetic products in US has already crossed $ 3 billion.
There is a large variety to choose from plants and flowers. New know-how has enabled manufacturers to present them in ready-to-use products with long shelf life. Some of these are natural preservatives themselves while others are hardening agents which have excellent uses for face masks. Many are wonderful emulsifiers. Besides, fruits, vegetables and other plant extracts and oils have their own fine aromas and fragrances. The organic formulations have, therefore, highly soothing aroma creating cooling and calming effect.
Some of the herbs, known for their curative and beauty enhancing properties are: Turmeric, Clove, Lemon, Amla, Gram Flour, Lemongrass, Comfrey, Camphor, Arnica, Rose, Marigold, Sandalwood, Seaweeds and host of Essential Oils. Most of these are antiseptic and germicidal agents, yet produce soothing effect on skin. These have powerful cleansing effect as well as highly effective nourishing elements. Herbs, like chamomile, contain emollient substance that keep skin texture soft and smooth. Cabbage, carrot, almond, date, apricot have wonderful nourishing ingredients. With rich vitamin and mineral contents, these rejuvenate the skin, improve its tone and elasticity, while minimizing wrinkles.
Lavender and Jasmine have essential use in aroma therapy; vegetables and fruits are natural storehouse of beauty aids; apricot has excellent rejuvenating effect; papaya contains enzymes that help soften dead skin cells to be removed; potatoes contain skin-cleaning agents; cucumber juice benefits the area round the eyes; lemon is a concentrate of vitamin C, increasing body resistance to infection and used as bleach for elbows, heels and toes, as a hand lotion, as a hair rinse to make hair shining; fuller’s earth used as a pack, tightens skin on the face and body; sandalwood has antiseptic and germicidal effect.
Herbal extracts are wonderful moisturizers which prevent moisture loss. Plant products have natural enzymes which help cleanse the skin of free radicals. So are other natural cleansers like milk and lemon. Extracts of rose have been included in skin tonics for oily skin, removing impurities, refining the texture and improving skin tone. Fruits, like peaches and apricots, also make excellent face packs.
The oils from almond and coconut act very good massage oils for skin and hair, bringing a healthy glow to the skin and hair. These also help restore and maintain youthful appearance by controlling wrinkle and crease formations on skin surface. Aloe Vera, used in most formulations, has wonderful moisturizing and nourishing properties.
There are many more organic ingredients that have immense benefits. Here are recounted only few that one can benefit from and which are used in Herbally Radiant skin care formulations.

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