Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Monitoring the growing number of deceptive cosmetic claims, we learn that recently Avalon Organics and Jason Brand Cosmetics have agreed to settle a class action law suit filed by Lexington Law Group in a California court, which alleged that the two cosmetic companies were misleading the customers with unethical advertising and deceptive packaging labels on the products. The cosmetics sold by them during the period May 2007-May 2011 had misled the consumers to think that the products bought by them were mostly, or wholly organic.
The cosmetic companies agreed to the settlement, running into nearly $ 9.35 million dollars, to avoid further legal costs and other damages.  However, the consumers who bought the ‘organic’ cosmetics have been the victims of such unfair practices.
As Herbally Radiant has been highlighting for several years, this is not the first instance where cosmetic industry players have been found to indulge in deceptive advertising.  In the absence of lax regulatory mechanism for the natural products, most of the cosmetic companies are indulging either in unethical advertisement campaign, using misleading words, or making unverifiable claims.
Since there is no strict regulatory mechanism governing the manufacture and marketing of ‘natural’ beauty products, consumers need to exercise extra precaution before buying their products. Instead of getting influenced by the aggressive marketing campaigns, they need to read the ingredients on the labels carefully, and do not fall into trap of the claims if they appear too good to be true.
We at Herbally Radiant have been adhering to the quality norms for our natural organic products, especially the anti-aging formulations (Radiant and Rejuvenating). The ingredients procured and used by Herbally Radiant in these formulations are USDA certified, and conform to the highest standard of quality, safety and efficacy.

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