Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Recent reports from Singapore, Ila Technologies, reveal that synthetic diamonds produced in lab are finding application in cosmetic products.  The company claims that its synthetic diamonds have the same carbon based crystal arrangement as naturally mined diamonds.
The French company Rene also recently announced use of micro-fined powder of white diamonds to deal with skin complexion problems. It said that diamond powder is a symbol of purity that helps with rebalancing the metabolism and exfoliating and nourishing the skin.
Another company Forever Flawless is trying to develop its new range of products with black diamond.
Herbally Radiant has already got the expertise of mixing minerals to make its formulations more powerful. It was marketing the Diamond Nourishing Cream containing diamond ash, especially prepared to help skin appear soft, smooth, bright and rejuvenated.
Since then, after more tests, Herbally Radiant team found yet more effective minerals for its skincare products. It found that minerals like Bentonite and Kaolin, when combined with superb herbal ingredient like turmeric, created almost magical effect on skin.  The new product “Turmeric and Clay Mask” contains the best minerals which transform the skin texture.  It has, therefore, become one of its best selling product – perhaps the most economical beauty formulation at a price of $ 23.90 a jar.

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