Friday, March 13, 2015


            As in previous years, prominent women representatives of Northwest Ohio, gathered together to mark their third annual International Women’s Day event on March 7. Herbally Radiant (Saxon Square, 6600 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, Ohio 43560), hosted this annual meeting.
            The special feature for this year’s event was the formalization of a women’s group called “Northwest Ohio Women’s Alliance”, or NOWA, to be headed for the present by a Convener, Dr. Maneesha Pandey, who has been coordinating women’s activities with several Ohio-based social, cultural, educational, sports and non-profit organizations, for the past 5 years.
As there is no other women’s organization in this region engaged in activities relating to International Women’s Day, NOWA has decided to organize more meaningful activities for women, where necessary in cooperation with other similar organizations in order to give further boost to its programs. Details will be announced as soon as these are finalized.
Women delegates present at NOWA decided to expand their activities so as to play increasingly important role for empowerment of women, in line with the ideals and objectives of the International Women’s Day.
It was resolved by the women delegates that from now on NOWA will actively strive to work and cooperate with governmental, non-governmental, regional and global organizations in furtherance of its objectives in future. 

Toledo Blade and Sylvania Advantage newspapers carried the coverage of the meeting.


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