Thursday, June 19, 2014


 As vigilant regulator of marketing of skin care products in, FDA has been issuing warnings and alerts about the unverifiable claims made by large number of manufacturers of skin care products, particularly the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, serums, moisturizers, masks or such lotions.

FDA issued another Import Alert last month citing its concern that “there are numerous skin care products on the market with exaggerated “anti aging” claims which cause the products to be unapproved new drugs.

Giving examples of such exaggerated claims, FDA refers to the marketing claims: “the products counteract, retard or control the aging process. Claims that the product will “rejuvenate”, “repair”, or “restructure” the skin may also be drug claims.

The market is getting flooded with such products, many of which are imported into US.  Most of the chemical or petro-based face creams and similar products, in effect, just spread a coating, creating an impression of nourishing the skin. Such creams or lotions affect the natural function of the skin itself which is to repair any damage to it due to factors like sun damage or external pollutants. 

We at Herbally Radiant have therefore been advising consumers to look into the labels and satisfy themselves with the kind of ingredients that they would like to use on their body and face.  Just going by the unverifiable claims by the manufacturers of such products could be potentially harmful to the skin. It is, therefore, safer and beneficial to apply natural organic skin care products. Skin being the largest organ of body needs right nutrients, more for its natural health than for the cosmetic reasons alone. 

Unlike petroleum or chemical-based products, the organic ingredients, in the form of fine molecules of natural nutrients get absorbed into the skin – two per cent of what we apply on our skin finds its way to our blood stream. Thus the important ingredients in such formulations which are rich nutrients for improving firmness, elasticity and resilience of the skin, making the skin texture soft and smooth, can be safely and more usefully applied by consumers.

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