Monday, January 20, 2014

Main Key Organic Ingredients in Herbally Radiant products

Since many products with 'organic' labels are flooding the market of beauty care, it is important to learn about them and their benefits to skin.  Today, let us glance through six main key ingredients which are used in Herbally Radiant beauty formulations. These are combined with other ingredients to create best natural organic cosmetic product.

      Aloe barbadensis: A 90% water succulent plant, it has vitamins A, D, K & E, amino acids and minerals; highly regenerative for skin cells, aids cell growth, brightens skin texture, rich moisturizer. It has good antiseptic properties as it contains lupoel, salicylic acid, urea, nitrogen, cinnamon acid, phenol and sulfur – all great antiseptics which are widely used in sun protection creams as well.

2.       Cocos Nucifera (organic coconut) oil: A saturated oil, it is extremely stable with an almost indefinite shelf life.  It is uniquely rich in lauric fatty acid (48%) and has significant anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties because of its contents (upto 50%) of medium chain fatty acid. It is therefore one of the safest and most effective natural body moisturizers. Used in aromatherapy in soap, body/massage oil, and shampoo moisturizer, adding sheen and preventing dry hairs, or a nail, and cuticle treatment.

3.       Stearic Acid: Derived from animal and vegetable fats and oils, this fatty acid is opacifying agent, surfactant cleansing agent and surfactant emulsifying agent, and is approved by FDA as additive in food items.

4.       Kosher Vegetable Glycerin: A clear, thick nontoxic liquid derived from palm oil, it is good solvent of herbal constituents and preservative and is most popular natural ingredient.  It has soothing effect, making the skin supple while offering a protection.  Its emollient and lubricating properties are very useful for dry and scaly skin, helping epidermis to retain moisture and maintain natural glow. We use 100% kosher vegetable glycerin which helps in retaining moisture and pulling oxygen into skin.

5.       Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil: Contains zinc, chromium, vitamin A, D and B complex. Chromium, iodine and copper have anti-aging properties, reducing lines and wrinkles, balancing sebum levels without blocking pores (to prevent acne formation). Excellent make-up remover; as lip moisturizer, it keeps lips plump and healthy, brings down any inflammation on skin, preventing growth of bacteria. Also good as massage oil and is excellent carrier of essential oils in skin care products.

6.       Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) oil: Derived from seeds of wine producing grapes, it is lightest of oils and  virtually odorless. It contains vitamins, minerals and is high in poly-unsaturates and protein. Wonderful when used around the eyes and neck. Widely used in hypoallergenic natural products because it does not often cause allergic reactions.

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