Thursday, December 19, 2013

In winter, our cracked, dry and veiny hands could reveal effects of aging

As dermatologist Dr. Stuart Maddin, University of British Columbia, stressed, “skin on the back of the hands is very thin, and hands are, therefore very susceptible to damage which translates into loose skin, age spots and visible veins.”

The dermatologists have advised : 1) protect your hands from strong dishwashing liquid with latex gloves; 2) use of gentle hand soap as harsh cleaning stuff strips skin of its natural oils; and 3) keep hands adequately moisturized especially during the dry winter months.

Finding all kinds of harsh antibacterial hand wash, soaps, dishwashing liquids in the market, which render your hand skin susceptible to cracking, Herbally Radiant has specially launched gentle organic hand wash which prevents dryness and helps skin retain its natural moisture.  

Dermatologists point out that cold air and fierce winds deplete the skin of oil production, and when the skin loses oils that provide natural moisturizing elements, it can become very dry, inflamed and cracked. Regular moisturizing of hands is important in winter both due to cool and dryness in atmosphere and warm air from heaters-furnaces while inside the house. 

Regular application of Hand & Foot Lotion made by Herbally Radiant is especially useful in winter.

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