Saturday, May 13, 2017


A recent report in the BBB bulletin again highlights the dangers of deceptive marketing campaigns. Not long ago, 4 companies that market skin care products, shampoos, and sunscreens online agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they falsely claimed their products were “all natural” or “100% natural,” despite the fact that they contained synthetic ingredients. These were: Trans-India Products, Inc., Erickson Marketing Group, ABS CONSUMER Products, Beyond Coastal and California Naturel, Inc.
According to the FTC rules, ‘all natural’ or ‘100 percent natural’ means just that – no artificial ingredients or chemicals.
In another case, Julep Beauty which sells its products primarily through its website, agreed to pay $ 3 million to settle dispute of “deceptive” marketing practices to get consumers to sign up for subscription boxes of makeup.
Last year, KAS Direct LLC was sued in NY Federal Court for false marketing practices, including the name “Babyganic” implying their products being organic whereas their “mineral-based” sunscreen actually contained synthetic ingredients.
The weight loss industry is not far behind in such areas. According to the latest BBB report, ‘NutriMost’ was made to settle FTC ruling that its weight-loss program, charging customers $ 1895,  advertised as  “breakthrough technology” and “personalized supplements” to help consumers permanently lose “20 to 40+ pounds in 40 days” without significantly cutting calories, was a deceptive claim not supported by scientific evidence.
Online marketing campaigns claiming ‘all natural’ cosmetic products do not always follow the FDA or FTC guidelines. Herbally Radiant has been adhering to the strict procedures of GMP and manufacturing its products with USDA certified organic ingredients.

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