Friday, February 10, 2017


A new scientific concept being highlighted by some sections of beauty industry is being debated by the researchers who are engaged in the stem cell work.  It is well known that environmental and lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking and amount of sleep influence our health as well as our appearance. A novel field of science – epigenetics – explains this phenomenon
Some businesses are referring to ‘new studies’ to claim that some elements accelerate skin regeneration, improve skin smoothness and firmness for a refined skin texture.  Among other unverifiable claims are : -Eepidermal regeneration for a smooth skin; -Cellular Cleaning process and -Delay in cell aging.
All such claims are not independently verifiable. Although the effects of epigenetics are obvious in nature, the exact mechanisms through which genes are regulated are still being unraveled in this relatively new field. Epigenetic modifications of our DNA keep our genetic code intact but influence the way our genes are read and interpreted, activating certain regions of the genome while silencing others. This leads to a changed production profile of proteins, which then in turn influences the state of the cell and, on a macroscopic level, the look and behavior of the whole organism.
Scientists are still debating the reliability of the new techniques of epigenetic science, especially for the purpose of rejuvenating skin. Thomas Rando, MD, PhD, Prof of Neurology at Stanford, explains that the “aging clock” is more of a metaphor for the changes that occur in our cells and tissues with the passage of time. Aging seems to involve a gradual deterioration of function as cells and tissues are exposed to stresses either from outside the body, such as chemicals we ingest or irradiation from the sun, or from inside the body, such as free radicals, produced every moment when cells are making energy.
However, he confirms that “some aspects of cellular aging … would be difficult to ‘reset” and adds that “understanding the epigenetic features that make a cell young or old opens the door to the possibility of being able to control the age of a cell by controlling the processes that set up and maintain the epigenetic state. Would this translate into changes in longevity of the organisms? We don’t know.”
A great deal of stem cell research is on for years, but what could be of concern is that some businesses might create a myth that a “new” substance or “technique”  based on epigenetic science might rejuvenate skin and restore full youthfulness to it. At Herbally Radiant we have been testing several natural ingredients and essential oils that have amazing effect in repairing and reducing appearance of wrinkles from aging skin. It has not come across any finding which could confirm discovery of any magic ingredient or stem cell research technique which could magically change the texture of the skin.
Herbally Radiant has experimented with combinations of USDA certified natural ingredients and essential oils to offer to its customers the best in the anti-aging treatment. Its top of the range RADIANT and REJUVENATING range anti-aging products are the result of repeated tests that have shown amazing results. Therefore, till the stem cell research has advanced into verifiable results, consumers might prefer using the safe and reliable formulations for their skin rejuvenation regimen.

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