Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The changing life and work styles have given strong boost to the wellness economy.  The Global Wellness Institute, a global non-profit organization, which organized an event in New York last week, released its data on the size of the wellness economy.
Out of the $ 3.7 trillion wellness economy, it has estimated that the largest share goes to the beauty and anti-aging formulations, $ 999 billion. This is closely followed by the weight loss segment at $ 648 billion. The wellness segment of global economy is showing huge potential for growth in the coming years.
Being part of the beauty and anti-aging segment of the wellness industry, Herbally Radiant feels encouraged by the emerging trend showing greater awareness among consumers with regard to their fitness and appearance. Herbally Radiant has found a new way of manufacturing and marketing the most skin-friendly products that create amazing anti-aging effect. These formulations that contain USDA certified organic ingredients have proven to be the most effective products for those seeking anti-aging treatment.
Among the most popular anti-aging products developed by Herbally Radiant are Radiant and Rejuvenating range, according to the skin type of the consumer.
The Wellness Institute has forecast exciting challenges in coming years, and more and more consumers are expected to opt for the safe and effective anti-aging products that have lasting effect, as the skin is able to absorb the rich nutrients that plants and herbs offer.

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