Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Kari Molvar, Beauty Editor of New York Times wrote interesting column last week after interviewing Clemence von Mueffling, a third generation beauty expert. Born in Paris, von Mueffling, her mother and grandmother edited Vogue Paris from late 50’s through early 90’s.
What is most interesting to learn from von Mueffling is that she has deep appreciation for all things non-toxic and natural, holistic views on fitness and motherhood. Her website Beauty and Well Being launched in 2014 has huge following.
Talking of natural and organic ingredients both in food and skin care formulations, she prefers more plant-based cuisine, “reducing the amount of animal protein we eat is not a fad, or something only for vegetarian restaurants. Changing the proportion of how much meat to vegetables we put on our plates is good for our bodies and the planet”.
Most important advice : Ease into a greener beauty regime. “I’m not for drastic, 200 percent changes to your routine, unless it’s because of a health condition. Instead, I think it’s about balancing and making smart choices. Maybe you’re not into organic makeup but you can buy a natural body moisturizer. I want people to feel good about any change they make, no matter how small. It’s good to do things little by little. If you just make one or two changes, and you feel great, then you want to add more.”
She gives high priority to regular physical and mental work out: “I do cardio dance with Katherine Greiner. She doesn’t only know about cardio dance, she knows about sleep, diet, yoga, stretching.”  And among other tips, she asks women to leave their eyebrows alone as they will never grow back the same way. She has also started using natural deodorant.
We at Herbally Radiant are delighted at the supporting remarks by renowned beautician Clemence von Mueffling for herbal organic skin care formulations. Countless studies have concluded that plant-based ingredients in beauty products have immense benefits for the skin. Not only these are most skin-friendly and safe, but these are more effective in repairing any damage to skin, and in rejuvenating it.
The specially formulated anti-aging formulations launched by Herbally Radiant , popular with women since its launch in 2011 (Radiantand Rejuvenating range) contain powerful exotic natural extracts. The cleanser, a luxurious blend of plants, flowers and seeds, leaves skin clean, wonderfully moisturized and fragrant, lifting impurities gently, without disturbing the normal oil-moisture balance. The special moisturizer is a combination of exotic herbal extracts based on ancient formula, helping to maintain the elasticity of the skin, and preserve its youthful appearance.  The wonderful serum, finely mixed powerful plant extracts in concentrated form, is enriched with selected essential oils to create amazing effect.

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