Monday, December 21, 2015


As the year comes to an end, we prepare to usher into the New Year with new resolutions, ambitions and goals. Frequent partying during the holiday season motivates many to care for their weight, overall health and, of course, maintaining beautiful looks and appearance. This takes us to a healthy and effective skin care regimen.
During the younger years, the body is naturally programmed to maintain clear, smooth, soft skin, and one usually tends to ignore extra care. However, as we age, our skin begins to work less efficiently, thinning out, losing elasticity, and sagging. Exposure to stress-environmental, physical, mental-only exacerbates this aging process. Such changes can begin at a much younger age if your skin does not receive proper care, or if it is exposed to harsh toxic chemical-based formulations.

Going in for expensive or glamorously marketed products is not the right answer for good skin care regimen.  With decades of our experience and expertise in formulating safe, effective and inexpensive organic formulations at Herbally Radiant, we have learnt the fine art of enhancing beautiful appearance.
As Mary Beth Janssen, reputed beauty and wellness educator at Chopra Center, has written,  the goal in organic skin care is to ensure regular sloughing off and turnover of skin cells and to maintain its natural acid mantle, which is a combination of sebum and perspiration that your body secretes to protect and moisturize your skin's surface. This helps rebuild damaged collagen and elastin (the chief protein in your skin's elastic fibers) in order to maintain skin strength, elasticity, and resiliency.
There are many methods for optimizing cellular turnover. Body brushing, cleansing with a facial mitt or buff, using deeply cleansing masks, and using alpha-hydroxy acids or AHA's (natural organic fruit acids), can all help exfoliate dead surface cells and maintain efficient skin cell turnover. Your skin can get AHA's through a wide variety of treatments, from peels to moisturizing lotions. To protect your skin's natural acid mantle, which covers your entire body, use only gentle acid-balanced cleansers to wash. Please avoid antibacterial or deodorant soaps, most of which contain sulfate and other harsh chemicals.
The combination of Essential Oils, used by Herbally Radiant for both imparting soothing fragrance and for creating aromatherapy effect, are very effective in maintaining skin’s vibrating energy, keeping it radiant, smooth, supple, elastic, and moist. This kind of skin shows that lymph fluid is removing toxins and boosting immunity. Stress is under control, antioxidants are preventing free radical damage, and hormones are balanced. The oil and sweat glands are bathing the skin with just the right amount of natural oil and moisture, which in turn maintains the skin's natural acid mantle.
Regular exfoliating helps skin to be in a constant state of renewal, turning over and shedding over a million skin cells an hour in a sort of healthful internal dance.
The perfectly natural, organic ways to create beautiful skin are to manage stress, eat healthfully, stay hydrated, get a good balance of physical activity and rest, practice sun protection, and avoid smoking. And naturally, follow a healthful skin-care regimen with pure products, where you always use only the gentlest manipulation of the skin. Rough tugging, rubbing, or abrasive handling with your fingers, hands, towels, tissues or machines can mechanically damage your skin.

Please follow the advice of experts in natural beauty products; the counter people at stores, focused on sales, are not necessarily the ‘experts’ on skin health.  There are easy steps to begin safe and effective skin transformation, to reduce wrinkles, lines and spots and to rejuvenate the skin. The physician available for free consultation on skin care at Herbally Radiant, can provide professional help and guidelines for the right kind of beauty treatment.

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