Tuesday, December 22, 2015


In a welcome legislative measure, Congress just passed the much sought after legislation banning use of plastic microbeads in soaps, body washes and personal-care products  - to be phased out beginning 2017. Major companies like Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and P&G were facing public ire for continuing such harmful ingredients in their skin-care products. Many states had already passed legislation to ban their use; the federal law will take precedence over other laws.
Microbeads are tiny plastic particles used as an abrasive in many personal-care and beauty products, such as facial scrubs, soaps and toothpastes. They do not dissolve and remain in the environment for decades. These can act like tiny sponges, absorbing several other dangerous chemicals, including pesticides and flame retardants, and these poisonous substances also get ingested by marine animals. Marcus Eriksen, a science educator and research director of the environmental group 5 Gyres, raised concerns that the microbeads can soak up pesticides and chemicals after they are washed down the drain.
Environmentalists still debate that in this regard US continues to be more lenient. Citing the EU regulations, for example, they highlight that the EU, which touts a "Precautionary Principle" to restrict and ban substances that might be harmful to humans, is leading the way for other countries to be accountable when companies refuse to. In fact, to date, the EU has banned 1,100 chemicals in cosmetics while the Food and Drug Administration in America has banned only ten.
There is yet another strong reason for consumers to turn to natural ingredients in their skin-care products which are free both for the humans and for the environment. At Herbally Radiant, we use most skin-friendly natural ingredients in shampoo, conditioners and scrubs. These natural ingredients also provide excellent rich nutrients to the skin, maintaining smooth skin that is revitalized as a velvety skin.

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