Friday, November 13, 2015


Researchers are now convinced that there are many beneficial properties of zinc oxide which is most widely used ingredient in sun protection lotions. Zinc Oxide is effective in preventing harm from sun by absorbing UVA rays.

Herbally Radiant has been using zinc oxide in its most popular, and inexpensive, Body Day Cream ($ 12.90 4 oz) for many years.  The nano properties in zinc oxide are able to insert themselves in the building blocks of enzyme, preventing them from being broken down, and in turn, preventing bacterial growth.

To add more benefits with its application, Herbally Radiant has made it aloe-based and mixed it with avacado, jojoba and grape seed oil, besides combining it with other herbal ingredients like white willow bark, rosmarinus officinalis, mango and shea butter. This unique formulation is, therefore, ideal for keeping body moist and soft, especially in autumn and winter. Any skin not adequately hydrated gradually tends to show early aging signs.

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