Thursday, October 1, 2015


Though not directly dealing with skin care problems, Sarah Kaplan’s article in Washington Post  today offers good tips to those who are conscious of their weight, diet, lifestyle as well as appearance.
She explains why it has become harder now to lose weight. Among the reasons she recounts the habits and lifestyles of today’s world, implying that we’re sleeping less than we used to - 40% Americans got less than 7-hour sleep, and 20% increase over past 25 yrs of those suffering from stress. Then there is exposure to certain kinds of chemicals that affect the endocrine system and metabolic processes. Plastic packaging, pesticides and substances known as persistent organic pollutants (mostly synthetic toxins that tend to bioaccumulate through the food web) may be impacting the way our bodies process food and store fat.
Increased use of prescription drugs, which doubled between 1999 and 2008, is another factor. Among adults, antidepressants were the most commonly used drug — and many studies have linked antidepressants to weight gain. But they’re not the only culprits: allergy medications, steroids and pain medications can also affect weight.
The tiniest and perhaps least intuitive factor is innate to each of us. It has to do with our “microbiomes,” the brew of tiny organisms that live in our guts and play a role in processing food. Changes in our diets — we each ate roughly 20 pounds more meat per year in 2000 than we did 30 years earlier, and we’re consuming far more artificial sweeteners — known to affect the bacteria in our bodies, which in turn affect how we extract energy from our diets. And if an individual is obese, their microbiome might actually be making weight loss harder.
As manufacturer of herbal organic beauty formulations, Herbally Radiant has also been highlighting the fact that (1) adequate sleep, (2) avoiding stress, (3) reducing sugar intake, (4) avoiding unnecessary antidepressant drugs, as well as (5) avoiding topical application of strong chemical-based formulations on face, are crucial in order to benefit from the anti-aging products.
In order to take care of stressful mood, Herbally Radiant uses a combination of Essential Oils in its Radiant and Rejuvenating anti-aging formulations which have profound calming effect, playing the role of aromatherapy as well. These have extremely soothing effect not only on mind but also on soft facial skin.  Together with specially tested organic ingredients, these provide the best nutrients to boost elasticity, produce adequate collagen and protect skin from external pollutants. These useful tips, therefore, apply to all those wishing to take care of their skin, their overall appearance , general health and fitness.

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