Monday, June 15, 2015


It is a welcome move that the hazards of chemical-based skin care products are getting more public concern. Apart from causing potential health risks, microplastics or petroleum bye-products used in personal care products over the years have been linked to the plastic pollution in the oceans and waterways. Microplastics have been used in place of natural ingredients in a large number of beauty formulations for many years.
Sensing the increasing public pressure for removing such harmful substances from the beauty care products, many brand companies are planning to phase out such ingredients.  A number of States in US (California, New York and Illinois) have already passed legislation banning use of microbeads from skin care products like shampoo, exfoliating scrubs, tooth paste.
The Canadian supermarket chain Loblaw has now announced that it will stop using Triclosan and Phthalates from its skincare products, after noting that some experts have linked Triclosan and Phthalates to human or environmental health concerns.  The company realizes the harm microbeads do to the environment when they spill out into the water system.  Earlier the Canadian Parliament had demanded that microbeads should be treated as toxic ingredient in the skin care products.
To give further boost to these measures, UN Environmental Protection agency has also warned against continued use of microplastics in beauty products, and has advised phasing them out and eventually banning their use in personal care products and cosmetics. In its annual report released on the eve of World Oceans’ Day, the UN agency blamed presence of microplastics in cosmetics for the increasing pollution of oceans and waterways. Most of these particles finally end up in the environment when discharged in wastewater.
Earlier, the European Commission also highlighted the growing dangers of marine microplastic pollution.
At Herbally Radiant we have been campaigning for use of natural skin care and beauty products. With the use of USDA certified organic ingredients, Herbally Radiant has been able to launch more than 76 natural beauty products so far; each of these products has received excellent customer reviews because of amazing skin-friendly efficacy. The use of natural products has great environmental sustainability and serves important health and social cause.
Herbally Radiant has pointed out earlier many grave skin disorders as a result of several potentially harmful pharma-based ingredients in cosmetics, many of which are not listed in the packaging or labels.

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