Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Consumers confused about what ‘green’ means, says Aveda

What Aveda spokesman emphasizes in the story above is that increasingly, the consumers of beauty products would like to know what kind of 'green' product they are being offered. In other words, consumers would like eco-friendly and self-sustainable ingredients which go into the making of these products which ensure safety of the planet. The level of their awareness of natural products is quite high and they would not be satisfied merely by a 'green' label on a product. In the absence of ingredients on the package, the consumers might not feel comfortable with the marketing tactic of 'green' labeling which might contain many such ingredients which might not match the 'green' claim of the manufacturer.

The safer choice for the consumers to go in for skin care products which contain natural organic ingredients and which are 'green' in real sense.


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