Thursday, November 7, 2013


To maintain beautiful and young looks, trusted organic formulations offer safe choice.

It is advisable to look into the ingredients on the label of any cosmetic product that one wishes to buy. There are all kinds of lofty claims from the cosmetic companies assuring golden youthful bright skin, fountain of youth or youthful looks and so on with their “new” formula products.

Latest in such claims are anti-aging supplements. It is interesting to see what the Consumer Reports have to say about these. Their unanimous verdict: Do not count on such supplements.

Similarly, the claim that infusion of vitamins in high doses will make one younger also holds no ground.  The best way to get vitamins is through your diet.

Talking about skin, one can give up applying chemical based products. Avoid peeling off skin in salons with strong in-organic exfoliating lotions. There are good herbal natural formulations with certified organic ingredients which are most skin-friendly and provide best nutrients to revitalize the skin.

Among the anti-aging formulations, Herbally Radiant has figured out and launched its most effective combinations of organic ingredients to take special care of oily and dry skin types.  These formulations help in a special way to hydrate skin and bring about a visible improvement in its texture. Regular use of Rejuvenating and Radiant cleansers, toners, serum and moisturizers lead to softening  of the skin, reducing appearance of aging signs and giving it beautiful look. In fact, the Rejuvenating and Radiant Serums are special great formulations for sensitive skin or any problem skin.

Growing trend of the use of organic beauty products is a welcome sign. In Europe, nearly 80% of women now prefer organic skin care products. This is steadily growing in North America as well.  Good health is well reflected through healthy skin, which enhances self-esteem, thereby developing confidence and other positive traits.

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