Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Harmful chemicals in cosmetic products:
There is a great deal of mislabeling on beauty products. They make all kinds of claims, many times without specifying the actual ingredients in the formulations.  Many brands carry chemicals which harm skin over long use, and at times cause irreparable damage.  

 Harmful chemicals in cosmetics:
Most cosmetic products contain a diverse collection of chemicals with varying levels of toxicity. You won't notice most of them. These will be absorbed into our body silently. Being exposed to these chemicals once won't harm us; most of us after all use these cosmetics every day. However, the daily barrage of these compounds will cause a build-up in our body. Some of the most common chemicals include coal tar (a known carcinogen), diethanolamine (disrupting balance of hormones), lead and mercury. That's merely a small sample. These chemical ingredients are included in most cosmetics under the facade of making us look attractive. In truth, they can gradually strip the skin before being absorbed into our body.  By contrast, using organic cosmetics doesn't leave us vulnerable to the carcinogens, toxins and nanoparticles contained in conventional products. That means they won't be absorbed into our body.

Better For Environment

Think of a car battery. Consider all of the chemicals in that battery. When the battery outlives its useful life, it's unlawful to discard it into the trash. The reason is because the chemicals aren't biodegradable. That is, the environment can't absorb them harmlessly. Many of the chemicals in traditional cosmetics are similar. You may be able to throw old cosmetics in the garbage, but they're still harmful to the environment. Organic cosmetics do not contain these chemicals. Using them is easier on the environment because they contain ingredients that are biodegradable.

How To Shop For Organic Cosmetics

Because the term "organic" attracts so many people, savvy advertisers slap the term on many products that don't deserve credit. So, when you're shopping for your organic cosmetics, take a few moments and look at the list of ingredients. Make sure they're certifiably organic. The process through which the cosmetics were created should be explained on the packaging. Read it. There's little reason for true organic cosmetic products to contain preservatives, harmful emollients, or colorants. Keep your eyes open so you'll know exactly what you're buying.

Treating Your Body Naturally

Our bodies can handle plenty of abuse. But, that shouldn't be an excuse for introducing hundreds of harmful chemicals into our system needlessly. These chemicals may not have an immediate health impact. But, over time, our daily usage of conventional cosmetics can assault our bodies with foreign compounds. These compounds will have an aggregate effect. After years of allowing these chemicals access to our bodies, there will be an adverse impact. Use organic cosmetics. They're better for you and better for the environment in which you live. Remember, you have the choice. It's time to exercise it.

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