Wednesday, August 23, 2017


In the context of growing counterfeit cosmetic products being flooded, especially through the online suppliers, Herbally Radiant welcomes the recent initiative by the French luxury group Kering and Alibaba to engage in joint enforcement actions to prevent online and offline cosmetic infringements and protect intellectual property rights.

The presence of fake products of branded companies is growing alarmingly, at the cost of consumers' health and well being. Both Kering and Alibaba now feel that not only counterfeit beauty products are proving more crucial issue, particularly in the Asia Pacific region that adversely affect reputations, but worringly the counterfeit products are also proving quite damaging to cvonsumers' health and well being.

The presence of fake products impacts the customers' experience, along with trust, loyalty and confidence in the market places and companies they are purchasing from.

While Alibaba will eradicate fake product listings within 24 hours, an additional provision includes a single entry point across all Alibaba e-commerce platforms, improvements to its automated complaints-processing and analysis system and streamline process to assess the validity of complaints.

Kering's prestige brands will enforce their intellectual property rights against both individual and third p0arties that manage the production, distribution and sales of unbranded and illegitimate items.

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