Friday, July 14, 2017


In an article this week, Teenke Barresi, explains how scientists have realized the growing demand from consumers for the natural colors, and how they are shifting their focus to use nature's own colorants to create bold, beautiful and long lasting natural colors.

At the Herbally Radiant we are happy to note the growing awareness among the consumers about the ill effects of chemical colors in their beauty care products.  It is a positive trend which is shifting focus on natural ingredients. 

As Teenke writes, color attracts attention and nobody uses it better than mother nature. In observing the world, we see how nature uses a colorful palette to draw the attention of insects to flowers. In the animal kingdom, the most brightly colored birds attract the attention of potential mates. It’s no wonder that people are also attracted to beautiful colors. Enhancing your natural hair and skincare products with color can add to the appeal of your product, but, in the past, adding color to your hair or skincare products usually meant using something synthetic and unnatural. There have been a handful of natural colorants that have come and gone, but often the color fades over time or completely changes if you adjust the pH of your product. The only way, if you desired vibrant, long lasting color, was to choose a synthetic colorant. Fortunately, those days are quickly falling behind us. With the rise in demand for more natural products, scientists are shifting their focus to use nature’s own colorants.

Consumer awareness has forced manufacturers to write ingredients on the labels which they like to read and insist certain ingredients be eliminated.  All skin care formulations launched by the Herbally Radiant in the last seven years have excluded all harsh chemicals or other synthetic additives. Instead it uses essential oils for soothing fragrances, and organic ingredients in the range of foundations that have found great favor with its customers.

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