Thursday, January 5, 2017


The Washington Post columnist has extracted useful advice from Rebecca Katz of Healing Kitchens Institute. It explains that toxin might be a substance possibly with poisonous properties but it might not necessarily be the case if one has consumed extra cookies during the holidays, and just because of that one would need to "detox" the body on January 1. It is the essential natural function of the body organs to do the required detoxing all the time, without which it wouldn't be able to survive. 
The drink manufacturing companies are, however, trying to manipulate consumer's spending habits and projecting the 'detoxing' as the most desirable need for good health.  Therefore, one would be better off by relying on balanced healthy natural food rather than going in for the 'detoxing' drinks being marketed these by food companies.
 More importantly, Rebecca Katz debunks the myth that we need to drastically cut back on all the sugar and alcohol. One would agree with her that going on a seven-day juice cleanse in the middle of the winter is not how your body is going to necessarily detox from feasting over the holidays. Other health experts have also been emphasizing from time to time that one can safely go in for occasional feast any time of the year in a moderate manner like reducing intake of sugar and processed food by fresh vegetables and fruits - these will strengthen body's system to keep detoxing itself naturally and effectively.

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