Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Going through the article in Washington Post, we were reminded about the effect of music on body and mind. From the point of health of skin, Herbally Radiant has been focusing on combination of Essential Oils that it uses in its formulations, especially its anti-aging products, for creating a calming effect on mind that is crucial to enhance natural beauty.

The reported occasion was TEDMED 2016 at Palm Springs, Calif, where some new ideas were aired, though some were not so new. The effect of music on body and mind was one of them.  We examined it in the context of maintaining beautiful looks and appearance.

Scientists have known for a long time that music — the pitch, tone, modality and lyrics — can have physiological and psychological effects on people. Can that power be harnessed as a treatment for disease, addiction, even pain management? Ketki Karanam, a biologist and tech entrepreneur who runs a company that is working on a platform to measure the effects of music on health, wonders whether doctors will one day tell their patients to “take two of these songs and call me in the morning.” The scientific research into this area is still in its early stages, but some work suggests that it can reduce anxiety, stimulate pleasure centers and could potentially even serve as a way to reactivate autobiographical memories in Alzheimer patients. One interesting finding is that a song or type of music that may create happiness or pain in one person may do absolutely nothing for someone else. “Our relationship with music we love is deeply personal,” Karanam says.

However, even before the TEDMED gathering, scientists have gone deeply into the effect of music on human life. They believed that music is the medicine for the soul and body. Music involves using the whole brain, and has surprising benefits not only for improving memory, but also for physical coordination and development. Here are some proven benefits :

1.It heals, gives the patient a sense of control, causes the body to release endorphins to counteract pain and relaxes by slowing breathing and heartbeat.

2.Slow relaxing music can help people lower their blood pressure, and is good for heart. In experiments, during musical pauses, heart and breathing rates normalized, or reached more optimal levels.

4.Promotes post-stroke recovery. In experiments it was found that when stroke patients listened to music for a couple of hours each day, verbal memory and attention span improved significantly, visual attention improved and fine-grained neuroanatomical changes in the recovering brain were noticed.

5.Reduces intensity, frequency and duration of headaches.

6.Boosts immunity by creating a positive and profound emotional experience leading to secretion of immune-boosting hormones.

7.Taiwanese scientists demonstrated that Mozart K 448 (Sonata for Two Pianos in D major) reduced the seizure recurrence and epileptiform discharges in children epilepsy.

8.Music activates many regions of the brain, including auditory, motor and limbic leading to enhanced intelligence, learning and IQ, reading and literacy skills, mathematical abilities, emotional intelligence, memory performance, concentration and attention, fighting fatigue and increasing overall productivity.

9.From the point of health of skin, the R&D team of Herbally Radiant is aware that relaxing music reduces stress that has calming effect on skin. By reducing negative emotions, music helps in brightening the facial expression and reflecting more optimistic and positive state of mind.

10.Music can decrease the amount of the cortisol, a stress-related hormone produced by the body in response to stress.

11. At Herbally Radiant, customers are advised to feel the effects of music on skin, especially those using its anti-aging formulations. Music improves mood and decreases depression. The Essential Oils that are used by Herbally Radiant in its formulations create the same effect through the aromatherapy technique.  In either case, the object is to induce mental relaxation that shapes healthy skin and enhances beauty, while preventing premature appearance of aging signs, lines and wrinkles. 

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