Monday, November 7, 2016


We find the new scientific studies conflicting when they try pointing out potential risks to those suffering from heart condition if they choose to go in for vigorous physical work out. Some experts express the view that some types of physical work outs under strong emotions could trigger heart attacks. 

The new studies highlight that exercising with unusual vigor while one is  enraged or emotionally distraught could be dangerous for  the heart. These further try to establish link between the strenuous workouts and emotional upheavals.

Promoting health in general, and skin care in particular, we would not agree with the conclusions of these studies for the following simple reasons :

1.Those who go in for physical workout as daily routine normally feel better control over their emotions, and are not likely to face any risk.

2.The regular work out regime greatly helps in creating healthy distractions from normal emotional disturbances,  and even strong emotions get melted soon after one begins physical exercise.

3.It might be the other way round that those who are fearful of any possible adverse impact of physical workout on their cardiovascular system, would feel more vulnerable to such too remote a possibility.

4.It has been seen from the conclusions of many studies in the past that physical work out, and even vigorous exercise routine, strengthens both the muscles as well as the nervous system. And strong nerves are the best guarantee to keep one's emotions under check. 

Of course, vigorous exercise should depend upon the state of body and ailments, if any. But attributing vigorous exercise to possible cardiac arrest or similar disorders would be too wide off the mark. 

Most of our customers who have got into the regular habit of daily work out enjoy better health, fitness and, of course, beautiful healthy and bright skin. Well, they use our herbal formulations as well. 

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