Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Meditation is now widely regarded to be the safe and effective technique for overcoming variety of hurdles.  Meditation in combination with yogic exercises offers considerable health benefits – both physical and mental.
We at Herbally Radiant have been highlighting the benefit of meditation for enhancing one’s beautiful appearance. Good inner health is reflected in calmness and destressed facial appearance. A disturbed mind will reflect  agitated facial features, and the skin will also begin to look stressed out.  Inner peace showing stable emotions and serene smile is quite important in preventing premature aging process. One can easily point out any facial skin that has suffered under stressful living.
There are several effective meditation techniques to help one to learn to control one’s mind and to develop positivity of thoughts. There are many breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques that one can follow as a routine to maintain inner balance.  Due to space limitation, it is not possible to detail these techniques here. One can, however, look into any good book guiding meditation practices. Those who are ultimately able to exercise control over their thoughts and emotions, even in adverse situations,  display harmony with everything in their surroundings.
This state of calmness and control over one’s emotions leads to higher state of consciousness, a broader sense of happiness and a benevolent attitude toward all.  Meditation, which teaches you how to rest your mind, thereby causes the vital energies within your body to become unleashed and blossom in full flower, clearing your skin from blemishes and spots.
In the matter of losing weight and getting rid of various stresses too, meditation offers more opportunities. In the case of women who are seeking to develop a more beautiful shape and complexion that exudes a fresh vitality, the use of herbal natural beauty products can give a very powerful boost. At Herbally Radiant we have tested the efficacy and long lasting effect of many formulations with USDA certified organic ingredients. To create more calming and regenerative effect, Herbally Radiant uses a special blend of Essential Oils which supplement the other herbal ingredients. The result has been superb, especially the anti-aging formulations (Rejuvenating andRadiant range) where special blend of Essential Oils in right ratio creates amazing result.
In brief, meditation is beneficial not only for mental and physical health, but also for creating the image that a woman wishes, exuding freshness, calmness and real beauty.

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