Tuesday, February 9, 2016


A good weight loss program should be accompanied by healthy diet, more fruits, salads and less carb and sugar. Each diet should, of course, be nutritious enough and include vitamins and minerals.
In our experience with beauty formulations at Herbally Radiant, we have seen the effect of vitamins and minerals on skin as well. While the cosmetics and skin care product manufacturers claim presence of vitamins in their formulations, consumers need to keep in mind that majority of vitamins used by cosmetic industries are synthetic, and by “the majority”, we mean almost all of them.

Many cosmetic manufacturers claim to use only natural vitamins so it is important to remember that the word “natural” is an unregulated term and unless formally charged with misrepresentation there is nothing to compel manufacturers to substantiate their “naturalness” claims. Herbally Radiant formulations contain organic ingredients that are USDA certified.
Natural vitamins are often animal derived. Fish oils, beef liver and egg yolks are the most abundant sources of natural vitamins such as A, D, E, K, and B12. Botanically derived vitamins are used almost exclusively within the dietary supplement industry. This makes sense as supplement end-users are prepared to pay a high premium for natural botanically derived vitamins.
Botanically derived vitamins are dramatically more expensive than synthetic alternatives and they are subject to wild and unpredictable fluctuation in price and availability. As example, during the years 2007-12 the price of natural Vitamin E increased over 200%. This is the scenario, more or less, with all other organically derived products.
Despite high cost escalation, most beauty formulations of Herbally Radiant contain Vitamins B and E in right combination with other naturally rich skin nutrients.  Herbally Radiant R&D team also found that Vitamin E derived from vegetable oil has a far more potent antioxidant effect than synthetic Vitamin E. The dramatic difference in quality between natural Vitamin E and synthetic Vitamin E has no parallel with any other vitamin used in cosmetics.
Besides vitamins, Herbally Radiant formulations also contain peptides – small proteins that help stimulate new cells growth; alpha-hydroxy acids coming from sour milk, sugar; glycolic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles; resveratrol, a plant compound to prevent age-related disorders; antioxidants which are well absorbed by skin and help fight cell damage from free radicals; retinol – a natural form of Vitamin A, that effectively works to reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles while boosting thickness and elasticity of skin;
But women who are pregnant, or plan to get pregnant, should avoid using any form of vitamin A, because it may increase the risk of birth defects.

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