Tuesday, June 3, 2014


A review in NY Times of the book by Prof. Jonathan Silvertown at Britain’s Open University, Dr.               makes interesting observations, on the biological question of longevity. Basically, Prof. Silvertown points out: The puzzle of longevity is not why we die so soon but rather why we live so long. 

According to Prof. Silvertown, for most of history, living creatures were single cells that reproduced by dividing. But once evolution produced multicellularity, reproduction and survival were separated, and hemmed in by new risk-benefit calculations. Cell division had to persist for purposes of reproduction and repair, but it also had to be controlled, for uncontrolled division means cancer – a brutal reminder that long life is a precarious achievement. Therefore, human beings, though probably limited to less than a century, are still a particularly lucky conglomeration of organic matter in life’s long mortal parade.

Life span is inextricably linked to nutrition, environment and genetics, all operating under an evolutionary mandate to optimize the species. Over the last century, human life span has increased by nearly a quarter. However, further studies and efforts continue to engage the scientific community for everybody demands more from life. 

We feel that more than the span of life, it is the quality of living which should matter first. Exercise, good diet, emotional balance and pollution-free environment would go a long way in living well. At the same time, from the point of view of the need to maintain good appearance and looks, we would add that it is also essential to abstain from in-organic or chemical-based products for taking care of skin. We have been pointing out the potential harm caused by toxins contained in those products which contain synthetically created ingredients. Under the glare of aggressive publicity, most of the consumers tend to use these products.

Just like good nourishing food to body, the natural organic ingredients in skin care products provide the best nutrients to any skin. In the case of elderly, whose aging skin becomes vulnerable to all kinds of pollution or other damage, adhering to skin-friendly natural products is most essential. HERBALLY RADIANT products, which have high organic content, are specially designed to infuse the skin with much needed nourishment. The concentrated organic ingredients provide most unique level of natural energy, creating an enriched oxygen layer on the skin, thus purifying and deep cleansing it, while stimulating blood flow, rehydrating and nourishing skin in long lasting effective manner. 

So, living long, and living well, are both important aspects.  Living well implies good healthy appearance which is through the skin, the largest organ of the body.

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