Saturday, February 22, 2014


We might focus on two important factors in beauty care regime today :

- Keeping skin adequately hydrated. Dry skin is vulnerable to early lines and wrinkles. Drinking enough water or sipping herbal or green tea is one way. Please remember green trea is rich in anti-oxidants and forms important ingredient in the face care products of Herbally Radiant.

This could be supplemented by applying good natural moisturizer on face.  The ingredients in a good moisturizing cream should include, amongst others,  natural plant derived alcohols, hyaloronic acid, honey and glycerines.  These plant-based ingredients act as skin-friendly carriers for feeding skin with other rich nutrients contained in natural moisturizers. Herbally Radiant has three excellent moisturizers (SILKY, REJUVENATING and RADIANT) regular use of any of these keeps skin adequately hydrated, provides best protective base on skin and helps it to regain elasticity and natural shine. With unique blend of essential oils,  these are very effective and have received excellent reviews from satisfied customers. (One could order them on line:, shipping free for orders of $ 25 and above.)

-The other important aspect of overall health in general, and beauty aspect in particular, is the need to avoid stress. Destressing should be a part of beauty care regime. The inner tension gets reflected on face and causes emergence of lines and wrinkles at fairly early age.  Regular workout, brisk walks, yoga and meditation are very effective tools. Besides keeping body and mind in best physical shape and energetic, these help in creating a healthy appearance with impressive looks. Of course, to protect skin from sun damage, atmospheric pollutants and other external factors, regular application of natural organic skincare products should also form part of one's daily routine.

Avoiding chemical peeling in salons will also spare your skin from adverse effects of various toxins which are widely used by cosmetic companies mainly to keep product costs lower, increase their margin and create a temporary misleading illusion of beautiful looks in the minds of customers.


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