Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brief Introduction to Holistic Way to enhance beauty with natural products

Herbs and extracts derived from plants, roots, flowers, fruits and minerals are used for long lasting care of skin and hair.  In different layers (epidermis and dermis) and containing water, lipids,  minerals and chemicals, skin regenerates itself regularly. This regenerative capacity weakens due to atmospheric causes, sun damage, unhealthy diet and life style. Numerous chemical-based skin care products with glamorous labeling are also major cause for skin damage, and since 2% of any substance applied on skin is absorbed by body, the results could be: skin disorders and allergies, spots, lines and wrinkles, acne, shingles, rosacea, loss of elasticity and so on. Organic way to bright skin is, therefore, the safest and best way.

A judicious combination of potent herbs and essential oils can lead to long lasting cosmetic effect on skin and hair growth; many of them have wonderful protective and curative properties. Highly skin friendly, organic ingredients help nourish skin, whip up circulation and refine pores, allowing better absorption of nutrients. Great number of such products use the common and not so common herbs and natural elements. Even milk and lemon are good natural cosmetics; fruits make excellent face packs; cucumbers, peaches and apricots have beneficial properties; extracts from almonds and coconuts are good for massage of skin and hair, and effective in controlling wrinkles and crease formation.   Some of these are natural preservatives and effective emulsifiers with fine aroma and soothing fragrance

Among spices, turmeric, clove, thyme, rose water, honey, lemongrass, Acacia concinna, sandalwood oil, rubia cordifolia, rosa centifolia, etc. have wonderful uses in germicidal treatment, skin softening and porcelaining, discouraging facial hairs besides tightening facial and body skin, removing free   radicals and rejuvenating cells.

For overall good health and fitness, right way of living, e.g. right food, drink, sleep, rest, work and exercise, is important, but the health of skin and hair often gets neglected, or harmed due to  chemical-based formulations flooding the market.

We all know that  most diseases are  direct manifestation of one`s mental conditions. When mind is stressed, the related hormone cortisone is released by adrenal glands. The level of hormone released affects the total volume of brain`s hippocampus, which regulates  memory. Stress also affects all our decision-making activities. Among the best remedy could be regular easy-to-follow yoga exercises, which if combined with meditation, becomes a complete fitness program.  It takes care of physical, mental and spiritual fitness, leading to overall well being. 

Herbally Radiant has been promoting use of organic natural beauty care; its R&D team has been regularly testing new formulations in order to provide its customers the best choice for maintaining healthy bright skin especially with its Rejuvenating and Radiant range of products.

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